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core fans

What is a core fan?

First, it’s impor­tant to under­stand why you need to worry about con­vert­ing clients into core fans. Core fans are the kinds of clients that trust your judg­ment. They pay you promptly and always appre­ci­ate your hard work. Core fans tell their friends and busi­ness con­tacts about your work, brag about your design to every­one they can, and can’t stand to have any­one else do their design work.

In short, core fans bring in more money and more work.

Who doesn’t want that!?

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This arti­cle made me reflect on my past clients and real­ize that I have done a pretty good job of cre­at­ing core fans with­out even real­iz­ing it. I pride myself in being com­pletely pro­fes­sional when it comes to client rela­tions and I think it pays off. I hear too many folks com­plain­ing about design­ers who start a project and dis­ap­pear. I never want to be that per­son. I try my best to reply to emails no later than 1 busi­ness day. I make myself avail­able at uncon­ven­tional times when needed. I do my best to go the extra mile and give a level of cus­tomer ser­vice that I would want to receive on the other end. These things come innately to me but even if it doesn’t for you — it would go a long way for you to focus on the ser­vice as well as the design. However, remem­ber every­thing with bal­ance. Never bend over back­wards and break your back in the process.

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